Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Calling for Mommies!! Let go items =)


Have u ever heard on Moby wrap? or Maybe I je ketinggalan nih? hihihi...I found it as a cool stuff to have too for momies ;-) Let me share what is Moby wrap's look like..Just took a few as below:


Dont u guys think it was damn cute??? lol Fashionable for us, Comfortable and Secure for baby too, kan? Mesti ada yg tertanya2 kan, how to wear this? Tokyah risau, I dah tepek siap2 link kat sini, pi tgk, blaja cmne nk pakai k..senang jo!

I xpndai nak letak video kat sini...jd letak link je...if xleh bukak, u all g kat youtube, type Moby wrap k...Sape2 yg minat u kan google la dear..byk website (usually from overseas yg jual Moby wrap ni)...the price range i jumpa starting from RM150 ke atas la...and as for me who is always come with a tight budget, I love to D.I.Y je =) And Alhamdulillah I made it...Now I have 3 Moby Wrap..But I'll think to let go 2 of them..Brand new tau! I nak amek gambar tp a bit malas la dear, sbb dh tembam2 ni kan (I tgh tunggu hari je ni nak bersalin)... Tp Moby wrap yg i buat ni sebijik la mcm kat bawah ni:


Length: 5.5 m
Wide: 20"
Color: Plain Black
Material: Elastic (Comfortable)
Tag kat tgh: I jahit dgn English Cotton =)

Harga?? I nak let go murah je.. RM30 including postage..what say you?? =) I ade 2 je ni..brand new...Sape2 nak sms me at 012-276 6693 (fariha)..

Update: Dah tinggal satu je lg! 1 Sold to Mas Thanx Dear... Happy Moby wrap!

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