Monday, November 28, 2011

Do u Need baby Sitter area Nilai/Mantin/Salak?

Salam and hi =)

My due date is around the corner (bln 12 ni)..Alhamdulillah my mom is willing to take care of me during my confinement. After bincang2, my mom terfikir untuk buat perkhidmatan jaga kanak2 yg berumur 1tahun ke atas starting from now..

Jadi sesiapa yg tgl area nilai/mantin/salak yang memerlukan perkhidmatan 'the nanny' ni, do contact us at 012-276 6693.. We stay in a terrace house (setingkat) without any dangerous steps..Plus, she is not going to take much kids..maybe 3-4 is ok =)

Dont hesitate to give a call, InsyaAllah my mom can be a good baby sitter since she raise me and my siblings with a good care =)

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